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Tear Trough Fillers

Undereye Fillers

  • 45 minutes
  • Rs 7500/ ml
  • Location 1

Service Description

Tear troughs, dark circles and eyebags are conditions that many men and women struggle with at some point in their lives. While they may appear to be very similar, they are actually three different conditions. Dark circles occur when blood vessels beneath the thin skin of the area around the eye are dilated and close to the surface of the skin – most commonly when we are tired, dehydrated or have been drinking alcohol. Dark circles are primarily a pigmentation issue, but often appear in combination with eye bags and tear troughs. Eyebags occur when fluid is retained under the eye, creating a small area of swelling under the eye and casting a shadow across the undereye area. Cool compresses, staying hydrated and sleeping well can help to reduce or eradicate eye bags. Tear troughs, however, are physical hollows under the eyes that cast a shadow that may make you look tired and aged, and are generally harder to cover and reduce than eye bags and dark circles. Tear troughs can be brought on by ageing as the skin in the area becomes thinner and facial fat descends under the eye, casting a shadow across the area. They can also be genetic and appear in young people as well. Dermal fillers are an ideal treatment for tear troughs as they work by adding volume from beneath the skin. This way, they can fill the hollows under the eyes and create a smooth, brightened and more youthful appearance.