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Superior results using pure, concentrated platelets!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 4500
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Service Description

We can treat any area on the body! Mostly we treat the face for rejuvenation or scarring, dark circles around the eyes, stretch marks on the breasts, stomach or thighs and hair loss in both men and women. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Skin Rejuvenation is a scientifically proven, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that refreshes, tones and tightens the skin by repairing the elasticity, colour and quality of the skin. PRP harnesses your body’s natural healing abilities to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Using your own concentrated, nutrient-rich platelets, PRP treatments dramatically boost your natural collagen production to help stimulate a youthful glow – improving skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark circles. PRP therapy can also benefit three types of hair loss: Male Pattern Hair Loss Androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, has been shown to be lessened, with an increased in hair growth, using PRP. PRP can also be beneficial when used in conjunction with hair transplant for male pattern baldness, or in conjunction with medication intended to block the effects of the hormone DHT on the hair follicles. Female Pattern Hair Loss Female pattern hair loss tends to result in a diffuse thinning of hair over the entirety of the scalp. PRP has been shown to be clinically effective for this type of hair loss. Alopecia Areata Alopecia areata is a form of auto-immune hair loss. It can occur over the entire scalp and body or in patches. PRP has been shown to help people with alopecia areata to regrow hair on their scalp with a low percentage of relapse. Platelet-rich-protein is an emerging treatment with great promise in many areas.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid incurring a fee and so that we can have time to fit another patient into your cancelled appointment slot, we require cancellations to be made more than 2 working days before the appointment. Cancellations which are made 48 hours (2 working days) or less before a consultation/treatment will incur a fee. We reserve the right to refuse any further appointments for patients that have 3 Non Attendance of appointments. Late Arrival Policy We run a tight appointment schedule and do our best to run on time. We also understand that life isn’t perfect. If a patient is running late, then we will do our best to fit them in. If they are more than 15 minutes late and if the next patient has arrived, we will see the next patient, and then try and fit the late patient in after. If a patient is running so late that they have missed their entire appointment and it is the next person’s appointment, we will see the next appointment. We will attempt to still fit the patient in later in the day, but it might require some waiting time on that day, or it might not be possible and the late patient will have to be rescheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Details

  • Skinnovations Cosmetic Laser Med Centre, Parkside, Sodnac Link Road, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius


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