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Igor's eyes were so cloudy that he wanted to wipe them. - It's great he rapped on the drum for you CasinoSenligneca. “Mmmm,” Igorek muttered protestingly and shook his head carefully. - Didn't understand! "I didn't find it," he said languidly. At three o'clock in the morning, when everything hurts and nothing works, everything fails.

I slammed the door and locked myself in the bathroom.

I consulted with the bones: 30 + 18 + 1. “Your thoughts are like fleas - they jump in different directions.” Well, this is completely out of black morning humor.

- Well, let's be serious! - I demanded from the bones and received this: 10 + 14 + 33. “Go to meet your neighbor, preventing them from coming to you from the rear.”

Very cute warning for a girl! What is meant, I, naive, do not even guess!


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